Classical, Jazz, Improvisation
& Popular Music Piano Coach

Alberto Ferro is a leading contemporary and classical pianist, who specialises in Improvisation and Contemporary Music. He has worked in some of the UK’s leading music schools, training children and adults in classical music and improvisation. His is an exciting & innovative approach which leads to transformative results.

Alberto earned his Piano Conservatory Degree in Milano, Italy. He has a Masters in Piano Performance in both Jazz and Classical Music from Washington State University. While studying Musicology and Composition, he specialised in improvisation across genres, culminating in his Master’s Thesis “Composed Improvisations for Piano Solo; A Closer Look into Different Contemporary Improvisational Approaches” (2015) .

Performances & Recordings

Since childhood, Alberto has been deeply curious about and passionately involved with all kinds of musical expression. Today, Alberto is an accomplished concert pianist who has performed in Europe, the US, Australia and on many luxury cruise ships. He has experience as a solo artist as well as in ensembles and orchestras and has performed as bandleader and musical director, in classical, modern and jazz styles.

His performances often include improvised numbers, along with jazz interpretations and virtuoso classical repertoire. His debut album of original piano music “In Fondo Al Suono” blends jazz and classical styles and received international critical acclaim.

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