Do you ever wish you could just sit down at a piano and jam on your favourite songs? Did you know playing piano consists of soulful chords waiting to be untapped?! We all know that there are thousands of piano teachers out there, yet sadly many are still using old methods from another era and strangely enough harmonies and chords are never taught in most piano lessons.

What’s the point of playing Twinkle Little Star when it just leads you to frustration. Why not instead play Beatles and Bach instead or do you prefer Elton or Chopin? “Jingle Bells” should not even be an option when you could instead play “Let it Be”…

No-wonder most children give up piano. Perhaps you did too a few years ago?


The London Contemporary School of Piano Syllabus covers music from Bach, Chopin, Beatles, Elton, Adele, Oscar Peterson and the Blues in just a few classes and because we will give you the vital skills for playing piano, you can also add your favourite songs to your program.

You can take a 3-hour crash course or a longer standard course. To find out more, visit our courses page or Contact Us for more information.


No-one should ever have to play “Twinkle Little Star”. It’s not relevant.

If you understand the theory behind major & minor chords and flourishes, in a short period of time you’ll be able to work out your favourite songs and compose your own music. It’s about learning the building blocks to all music.

If you are stuck in a musical rut and searching for better piano skills these tools will put you in closer reach of the music you always wished you could play. This is why students from all over the world visit us to learn piano.


Talent is an illusion and a myth. What we perceive as “talent” is only the result of a natural process. This has actually been proven time and time again, but society is still obsessed by “talent” as the easy way out of learning something new.

“I don’t have enough talent”, is you convincing yourself to give up. Our oldest member is 84 years old and is still learning. What excuse could you possible have?


When you look closer at what “talent” really is, you will see the following patterns.

  • A genuine passion and curiosity for music. You need to show up!
  • A genuine self belief, or you will “give up” when you see a challenge that can be fixed easily with slow practice. We will show you how to do this.
  • Willingness to grow your new found abilities through productive practice that is enjoyable. We will show you how to do this.
  • The right music program and syllabus for your needs with an experienced team of creative musicians to coach you through the process.

We will show you exactly how this works. With your piano program designed for you, you are almost 100 percent guaranteed success at the piano. Contact Us or Call Cait to find out more.


Our world-class team of Maestro Makers will change the way you think about music forever. We will unlock your creative potential in just a few simple steps. We provide Europe’s most innovative, leading edge piano coaching and lesson tutorials on a one to one basis.

Our approach was born from years of REAL experience teaching students of all ages, all styles of music. Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished amateur, we will quickly bring you into the world of music in just a few classes. Experienced and professional players can join our advanced 1-2-1 coaching, to take you to the next place in your musical life.

Our core mission is to unleash your musical potential, without the struggles associated with traditional piano lessons.


Our members have all succeeded at piano and many experience spectacular results. This is what we have been doing since 2007 when we first opened our doors. Your choice: Is this something you want to do? Or will you continue dreaming of being an accomplished pianist?

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BBC Newsnight

Tom Donald demonstrates the impact George Martin had on the Beatles’ music, during a feature on BBC Newsnight with Evan Davies.

“It is unimaginable to me what the Beatles would have sounded like without George Martin… I am really fascinated by musicians who can cross the boundaries (between classical and other genres of music) as effortlessly as he did… The way he integrated it with their songs just works so beautifully and is part of his legend.”