Christmas 2018 saw the release of this wonderful ad from John Lewis, showcasing the amazing musical career of the kid from Pinner, Elton John.

Whether you are into classical, jazz, pop, rock and whether you like Elton’s music or not, there is no denying the extraordinary career and legacy that the “Rocket Man” is leaving the world.

In pop music, it’s considered a miracle to succeed with 3 albums. Elton, however, has released a staggering 30 studio albums since 1969, when he released his debut ‘Empty Sky’, playing a harpsichord, not counting his 7 soundtrack albums, including the Lion King and Billy Elliot.

Elton is one of the UK’s most prolific songwriters, arguable more so than Paul McCartney (sorry Beatles fans but I’m a pianist, so I’m biased). If any pianist is brave enough to critique Elton’s piano skills, they haven’t seen his live performances in Russia in the late 70’s, where he was not allowed to tour with his band.

He is a serious pianist by any standard, with his own idiomatic style which is instantly recognisable as The Elton

Anyway, the ad had me thinking again, what a wonderful gift music really is!

As a child, I too received the Gift of Music for Christmas.
In 1992, at the tender age of 10, I was given a double CD titled “The Very Best of Elton John”. By then, I’d been playing the piano for 5 years and really enjoyed it.

Hearing the opening chords of ‘Your Song’ gave me an instant connection with the power of major chords in the key of E flat. I knew instantly why I had to keep on with my chords and scales.

Since then, I have listened to every one of those 30 studio albums, and I can tell you the great ones from the bad ones. Comparing great and less successful albums one artist gives fans an amazingly unique chance to look into the artist. It shows us all the pitfalls of a demanding music career and the rock ‘n roll trappings of a life of fame and luxury. Elton’s music is biographical at every point of his career. His music is 100 percent authentically him, including the flamboyance. It is all reflective of his story.

I’ve listed my 10 favourite Elton John albums with the reasons why I love them so much in a blog post, if you’re interested.

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