The Ultimate Startup Piano Course

Much more than an entry-level piano course, you can expect to learn many of the unspoken facts about music. Some of our teaching methods are unknown even at leading music schools.

You will also learn the technical classical foundation to give you the full musical experience. Ours is an integrated music course and you will automatically be invited to join our group student master-classes, where you will meet like-minded adults who are learning to play piano.

Run time
10 – 30 weeks

Email Us or call Caitlin for more info.

  • Discounted Value for 10 or 15 Classes.
  • Study Your Favourite Music & Access to the full LCSP Team.
  • Lessons with the founder of the Harmony Method, Tom Donald and his team Siwan Rhys and Alberto Ferro.
  • Harmony Method and chords fully integrated.
  • All aspects of technical training covered.
  • A professional grand piano recording made to showcase your accomplishments during the course.
  • Video Tutorials and Option available for Skype Online Lessons.
  • Classes can be spread over your desired period of time to suit your schedule.
  • Free membership to our group student Maestro Club. A great way to meet like-minded people also learning piano.
  • One extra gift class for family or friends.

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The Ultimate Intensive Music Course

This course will empower you with rapid musical improvement in a very short time. This is not just a music piano course, it’s a musical experience that will forever change the way you enjoy music.

You will spend a full day in our London studio with Tom, our founder, for a fully collaborative musical experience that will inspire you and your musical developments for years to come.

Run time
1 day – 9am to 7pm
Limited Availability
We suggest Saturday or Monday, waiting times may be longer for other days.
Email Us or call Caitlin for more info.

  • The lesson will take place in a piano studio with two grand pianos.
  • Piano harmony, chords, improvisation and composition in an immersive 10 hour crash course.
  • Recorded in high definition sound for permanent access so you can practise the material whenever you like.
  • Afterwards, get full access to the team at special members rates to continue your progress.
  • Free Tickets to 2 specially selected Piano Concerts in London in August/September or another time if preferred.
  • 5 follow up lessons via Skype or in our studios after your course with the Maestro Team.
  • Free annual subscription to our Maestro Members Magazine including artists of the month interviews and monthly piano tips videos.
  • Full after course phone and email support.


Subject to Application

Lessons are longer and the course is ongoing, giving priority access to our studios and bookings.

You’ll learn alongside Tom and his team of Maestro Makers so your musical dreams and ambitions can flourish. You will join many other Maestro Course pupils.

This Maestro course has a set monthly fee with no contract, you can leave this course whenever you like. Extensive out of lesson support is available, meaning you can contact us anytime for help and support via our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

No contracts, stay as long as you like, leave whenever you want. We love working with those who are 100% committed to making music part of their life!

Run time
12 months (or more)

Limited Availability

Email Us or call Caitlin for more info.

  • Online “Skype, FaceTime” Piano Classes for working travelers and people outside the UK.
  • 50 Classes per year with our team of Piano Coaches
  • Priority Diary Access with higher intensity classes and fully flexible scheduling.
  • Expert piano training in all genres. Learn to play your favourite music.
  • Longer lessons running for 90 minutes every week.
  • Harmony Method fully integrated with sight reading, theory and technical training.
  • Revitalise your musical senses by learning how to hear pitch.
  • Extended musicology and music appreciation
  • Personalised high definition video tutorials included as well as all sheet music and resources
  • Free membership to our group student concert sessions. A great way to meet and work with likeminded people also learning piano.
  • Limited Bonus 3 Free Extra 60 Minute Lessons for any friend or member of the family.


with Tom Donald, LCSP founder

This option is a unique chance to study exclusively with Tom. Due to Tom’s huge waiting list, international demand and concerts worldwide, he is unable to take on many more students and lead times may be long. You may wish to consider taking an intensive course with Tom instead. (Option 2)

This course is subject to an application form, to highlight your musical goals and aspirations so Tom can plan your classes and repertoire. You will learn advanced improvisation mechanics & techniques as well as chord exploration techniques for enhanced musical confidence. These are Tom’s specialist areas, so we highly recommend this course if these subjects interest you.

Many of our members have enjoyed learning exclusively with Tom and have gained enormous benefit from his unique insights and specialised coaching strategies, which he and the London Contemporary School of Piano are renowned for.

Run time
12 months

Limited Availability

Email Us or call Caitlin for more info.

  • 10x 90 min. or 15x 60 min. Lessons exclusively with the founder of the Harmony Method, Tom Donald.
  • Exclusive Diary Priority on Tom’s schedule.
  • A professional CD/Album recording of your accomplishments.
  • Free tickets to upcoming Tom Donald Show Concerts.
  • Classes can be spread over your desired period of time to suit your learning schedule.
  • Free access and membership to our Maestro club. A great way to meet like-minded people also learning piano.
  • Three extra free gift classes for any family or friends with Tom’s team.
  • How Our Student Selection Works

    • It is important to understand that spaces are limited. We have just a small team of piano coaches, dedicated to and trained in Tom’s proprietary method of teaching. So it is vital that we make sure we are a good fit for each other, that way we do not waste your time or ours.
    • An initial telephone consultation is arranged. Phone consultations are free of charge. We will answer of all of the questions and queries you have about learning to play piano. In addition, you will receive expert tips and free video tutorials.
    • During the telephone conversation, we will establish your level of competency and your goals. Once accepted as a student, we will book your first 1-2-1 session and our team will put together a lesson plan to take you to the next place in your musical journey.
    • Availability is strictly limited and the London Contemporary School of Piano always has a waiting list of prospective students. Despite the school’s popularity both with local and international students, our fees are modest. If YOU have a REAL PASSION for music and playing piano, this is a REAL opportunity.