A passionate advocate for the use of chords and improvisation in all music learning. A champion of the struggling adult amateur and connecting them with their inner genius. Coaching musical transformations with countless students over the last two decades. A master teacher of “How to get into the zone”. A project manager who always overdelivers on the brief. Can bang heads together, and bring difficult artistic, cultural concepts to all ages and associations. Film score and concert pianist.


Born in the remote Australian town of Coonabarabran, he grew up in the North East Australian town of Tamworth, which is known as the country music capital of Australia. Tom’s country Australian roots have led him to an unlikely career as an composer who speaks a rare international language.

Since age 16, Tom has led numerous touring bands, and produced a variety of albums in collaboration with American jazz vocalists to film directors. He has also sustained a prolific solo career as a pianist. Shortly after arriving in London 2004, he performed at Abbey Road studios performing improvisations on music by Lennon and McCartney.


Tom is passionate music educator and is the author of the “Harmony Method”. This is a revolutionary approach to teaching classical, jazz and popular harmony on piano.

In 2011, he established the London Contemporary School of Piano, with the backing of many early adopters of his piano teaching methods. The school has now taught over 500 students from over 20 different countries. The LCSP has fast become an influential force in piano education worldwide.

The London Contemporary School of Piano is in partnership with Blüthner pianos, famous for its world-class handmade pianos.


Tom composed the soundtrack for numerous award winning films working with Iraqi directors Haider Rashid and Koutaba Al-Janabi. On ‘Leaving Bagdad’, which won Best Independent Film at the Raindance festival, Tom collaborated closely with Kurdish Iraqi singer and Freedom Fighter, Nawroz Orami.

Tangled Up In Blue‘ (2009) – ‘Leaving Bagdad‘ (2010) – ‘Silence, All Roads Lead to Music‘ ( 2012) – ‘Sta Per Pevoire‘ (2014) – ‘The Deep’ (2015) – ‘Stories of a passer through‘ (2017)


Tom’s collaboration with General Andy Salmon has led to the creation of Journey Through Conflict Iraq.

Their musical and artistic collaboration has been featured on BBC Radio 2 and the Claire Balding show. 


In 2017, Tom co-founded the Citizens of the World Choir alongside human rights activist Becky Dell and Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Roger Roberts. The choir consists of refugees and wider community members with a mission to bring peaceful discourse in polarising times. Since it’s inception, the COWC has performed alongside Sting at the Shakespeare Globe. In addition, the choir was on stage at UNCR events and Welsh International Eisteddfods attracting national media. Tom has composed numerous works for the choir including ‘Manamou’ which he composed with British Actress, Emily Watson. 


As a music educator, Tom has appeared on BBC Newsnight with Evan Davies on a Grand Piano. They discussed George Martin’s influence on The Beatles.


As a solo concert pianist, Tom’s performances in concert halls in London and in Europe have seen critical acclaim. Tom’s concerts at Conway Hall and at the Shard London (the highest piano concert in Europe) were sold out within hours of release.


In March 2016, Tom performed on BBC’s Newsnight with Evan Davis after the passing of George Martin to demonstrate the influence that Martin had on the production of songs written by Lennon and McCartney which went on to be performed by The Beatles.

For the first time in it’s history, Newsnight installed a Grand Piano in the Studio for a musical contribution.

In September 2016, Radio 2’s Clare Balding Show played Tom’s composition ‘Meditation’ on Remembrance Sunday.