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At the London Contemporary School of Piano, you will experience a very different learning atmosphere. 

We guarantee that we will free, inspire and liberate your piano playing. Regardless of your previous experience, we will open you to musical fulfilment and creativity that you previously thought was only reserved for “geniuses” or “maestros”.

From Bach to The Beatles or Elton to Stevie Wonder, you’ll be jamming on your favourite songs within 5 to 10 lessons. If you think that’s impossible let us show you how we do it

Join our ever-growing family of all ages and levels to discover the very best piano courses in London.
Learn piano & turn your newly found skills into a lifelong musical passion within weeks.



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Are you stuck in a musical rut? It’s no surprise, most people are just so tense when they sit down to play the piano.

Scared of making mistakes, scared of playing wrong notes, paralyzed with too many things to think about, and therefore unable to ever get into a musical flow!

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To see if you are the right fit for the London Contemporary School of Piano you will need to book via our website a Discovery Trial Membership which includes

  • 60 minute one to one session
  • Login and Access to our online student portal 
  • Access to weekly masterclasses
  • 20-minute phone consultation with our team to plan your musical journey with us


1-2-1 piano lessons
  • 1-to-1 Piano coaching in London & worldwide.
  • Over 30 Blüthner Grand Pianos at our studios!
  • Jam on your favourite music in just weeks.
  • Powerful, creativity based teaching methods with BIG results, guaranteed success.
  • Learn & play musical genres you enjoy.
  • Access to over 50 hrs of piano training on our Student Portal.
  • In person and or Virtual Lessons are both available.
  • Free Video Masterclasses

For more than a decade, our coaches have helped music lovers of all ages and levels achieve outstanding results at the piano, creating a lifelong passion for music.


Tom Donald, Principal of the London Contemporary School of Piano, discusses George Martin’s influence on The Beatles’ music with Evan Davis during a Piano Masterclass on BBC Newsnight.

“It is quite remarkable how George Martin brings polar musical opposites together with The Beatles … It is unimaginable to me what their music would have sounded like without his influence … I am really fascinated by musicians who can cross the boundaries so effortlessly like he did …”


Our world-class piano team has proven methods to diagnose the piano course and syllabus that you need. This will help you acquire the best musical path you need to discover your musical talents.

After just a handful of classes, you will have a blueprint on how to become an inspired pianist and musician and will be well on the way to achieving this, as have hundreds of our members , year after year. 

It’s never too late to start a brand new musical journey on the piano!

“There are many schools out there with a lot of professional musicians passing their knowledge to students like me, but what these guys in LCSP translate at all times is this limitless passion for music and fun you can have with it – THAT DRAWS YOU IN – pushing you to explore more, to practice more and to learn more.” ~ Anna Dolgikh

All reviews can be verified on Google places and have been written freely by our members


live online piano lessons

Unleash your musical abilities without the struggles associated with traditional piano tuition.

Our members are all really enjoying learning piano and many experience truly spectacular results really quickly.

Assisted by our world-class strategies and coaching team, YOU TOO can reach your piano playing dreams.

I guarantee that you will enjoy your virtual lessons with us, more than your local traditional piano lessons due to our cutting edge syllabus and world-class pianists that will change the way you think about music forever

LIVE virtual courses give you access to our world class piano lessons from the comfort of your own home.



play music you love

We guarantee that you will be jamming on your favourite music or curating your favourite piano music and experiencing piano like an seamlessly trained musician.

If you don’t manage these objectives immediately, we can guarantee at the very least, after just three lessons you will feel a life time strong connection to music making it an everlasting part of your life.


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  • We ask you to participate and be engaged in the opportunities that you will receive
  • We ask you to be passionate and curious about music
  • And finally, give yourself permission to enjoy yourself!
    We believe that Piano should never be a chore


  • The best creative piano lessons in the UK.
  • A world class team of piano coaches.
  • Support and Dedication to your musical journey.
  • A creative environment for your musical growth.
  • Expertise for all ages, styles and levels.

Undoubtedly the best piano school in London. Their modern and forward facing approach is more engaging than traditional teaching methods whilst still having the discipline to push students to excel.

The teachers are genuinely passionate about the success of their students and you get that in everything from the lessons to the administration. I have had a lot of piano lessons in West, North and South London but these guys and gals are without a doubt the best. I would recommend the LCSP to anyone.
” ~ Connor Vickery

All reviews can be verified on Google places and have been written freely by our members