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and transformed their piano skills into a lifelong passion.

For 10 Years, Tom Donald and his talented team have been helping pianists and music lovers of all ages and levels implement outstanding methods of learning to play piano, giving them a lifelong satisfaction with music.


Did you ever wish you could just sit down at a piano and play your favourite songs? So what’s the point of playing “twinkle little star” when it just leads you to despair!! Why not try an exciting NEW piano program in Central London from Beatles, Bach, Chopin and Stevie Wonder, to just name a few composers on our syllabus! This is real music for real people.

The best ways to learn piano starts with the right music. Via this site, we encourage you to contact us and we can send you FREE resources of our video masterclasses so you can start your new musical journey today.

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What Are The Best Ways To Learn Piano? How We Can Help You!

  • Leading Piano Lessons in Central London.
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  • 10 Years Running. Hundreds of satisfied students.
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  • Leading industry expertise in all piano styles.
  • All levels and ages welcome.
  • An emphasis on creativity and musical imagination.
  • Students here are playing & learning Classical, Jazz, Pop & Songwriting.
  • Amazing Value Crash Courses for smaller budgets with big results.
  • Offline and online support to track your progress.
  • Free online masterclasses if you get in touch today

Start with a 3-hour crash course or choose one of our longer standard courses.

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To Unleash Your Musical Abilities
Without The Struggles Associated With Traditional Piano Lessons.


Our members are all succeeding at piano and many experience truly spectacular results. We have been teaching this way since 2007, when we first opened our doors.

Your choice! Is this something you want to do or will you continue dreaming of being an accomplished pianist?


Tom Donald, Founder of the London Contemporary School of Piano, discusses George Martin’s influence on The Beatles’ music with Evan Davis during a Piano Masterclass on BBC Newsnight.

“It is quite remarkable how George Martin brings polar musical opposites together with The Beatles … It is unimaginable to me what their music would have sounded like without his influence …

… I have a strong classical background and I’m really fascinated by musicians who can cross the boundaries between it and contemporary music as effortlessly as George Martin did. The way he integrates classical music aspects into their songs is part of the legend he created with The Beatles!”~ Tom Donald ~


Our world-class team of Maestro Makers will unlock your creative potential in just a few classes. We provide Europe’s most innovative, leading edge piano coaching and lesson tutorials on a one to one basis.   

Our approach was born from years of REAL experience teaching students of all ages, all styles of music. Our piano courses are time flexible and will fit with your busy schedule, our team ensure that we are open every day of the week to suit your schedule and ensure you get best results, on the best Grand Pianos in London.


  • Are you stuck in a musical rut?
  • Are you still dabbling away at the piano?
  • Would you like to learn what music is really all about and how YOU can enjoy the rich sounds a piano can produce from your very own hands?   

We have been doing this with people like you at all levels from beginner to pro, for the last 10 years.

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These are some of the best ways to learn piano and they are only available for a limited period of time!

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What we perceive as “talent” is only the result of a natural process. Society is still obsessed by “talent”. Did you know talent is just the “end result” for those who are fortunate enough to experience the best ways to learn piano. Our large list of delighted students and customers are testimonial to this.

“I don’t have enough talent”, is you convincing yourself you can’t play piano. Where does this belief come from? Our oldest member is 84 years old and is still learning with us.


When you look closer at what “talent” really is, you will see the following patterns.

  • A genuine passion and curiosity for music. You need to show up!
  • A genuine self belief. We will show you the best ways to learn piano and support you ensuring that your self confidence grows through your piano lessons.
  • Willingness to grow your new found abilities through practice that is enjoyable. We will show you exactly how to do this.
  • The best ways to learn piano that suit your needs and schedule with an experienced team of master musicians to coach you through the process.

We will show you exactly how this works. With your piano program designed for you, you are almost 100 percent guaranteed success at the piano.


If you are stuck in a musical rut and searching for better piano skills you are certainly not alone. This is why students from all over the world visit us to learn piano. You are just a phone call away from finding out how we can help you and whether you should you invest your time in our piano lessons. With no obligations we will give you all of our best resources online for FREE so you can discover the best ways to learn piano.   

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There are many schools out there with a lot of professional musicians passing their knowledge to students like me, but what these guys in LCSP translate at all times is this limitless passion for music and fun you can have with it – THAT DRAWS YOU IN – pushing you to explore more, to practice more and to learn more.

The team of coaches (in my case Tom, Siwan and Alberto) compliment each other beautifully – I have very different practice with each, but there is a common thread – all are amazing in making complicated things simple with enormous support and empathy, building your skills and confidence.

One more thing: at some point you will get to know other students and become a part of a broader community – that is a beautiful experience in itself!

Finally, for those of us stressed and busy: this gives you such a positive energy, that in return you are becoming a better version of self in whatever it is that you are doing for living! Give it a try and Enjoy!”

~ Anna Dolgikh ~