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We share our trial classes, free online materials and course & event information via our online communications. This way, we attempt to break down barriers of physical and geographical distance for those not based in London. Your consent is implied when you provide us with your email address and phone number.

Data Protection

We take data protection very seriously, as we have since we began trading as a company. Therefore, your details are fully encrypted. We will never share them with a third party. It is our conviction that your data belongs only to you. So, we promise to use your information only as a way of communicating with you, reflecting your interest in piano and the London Contemporary School of Piano.

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If you wish to unsubscribe from our communications, you can do so at every point of contact with us. We assume you will take immediate action to ensure your data is erased from our secure systems.

If you believe at any point someone has added your name to our systems without your consent, please let us know immediately. We will report this potential breach of data protection and remove you permanently from our systems.

You can, at any time, ask for further information from the London Contemporary School of Piano, it’s GDPR compliance policy and processes, which are available on request or check our cookie policy,

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