… a musical education system, which allows your child to learn to quickly play endless streams of songs, from the Beatles, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Adele – songs old and new. It immediately makes your investment in their lessons really WORTH IT for you and your child .


With our Harmony Method, your child will learn to play the chords to any popular or classical piece of music quickly and effortlessly.

Engaging Children in Classical Music is just a matter of communication, removing the old fashioned jargon from a long gone era.

Children are bombarded with interests, extra-curricular school activities which means the traditional exam system no longer works to have a child fascinated by the magic of music. Amazingly most music schools haven’t worked this out yet. We are in the 21st Century, music has changed, but the teachers haven’t. Contact Us now to find out more.

Just picture your child glow with pride when you praise them for leading the sing-song around the piano.


We offer joint family accounts, meaning you can learn some piano yourself as part of our lesson package. No more television and computers bringing families together, instead how about joint piano practice sessions on a new family piano or keyboard.

Music BRINGS people together, that is a scientific fact, and there are few places where your child will have such opportunity. We don’t believe in auditioning children based on their natural talent or ability, our training is much too advanced to rely on just natural ability. The only limitation we have is our availability from each semester.


Beware of the mindless chat about piano exams! How often have you heard someone say “so and so just passed their grade 4” or “they are up to Grade 8, therefore they must be really talented”. What does this mean if indeed it means anything at all? There are many harmful myths about piano exams and very few piano courses properly use the examination system in context to ensure the student becomes a fluent musician rather than a mere exam statistic.

To put it bluntly, most kids who pass their Grade 8 piano exam can’t even play happy birthday to their friends, and will likely give up piano a few years later because of the narrow exam-focused training they have received! Think about it, years of lessons and investment into those classes only to be able to play a few piano pieces from the baroque and classical eras.

Student and parents need to be fully aware that contrary to this, the exam system can harmonize with a fully integrated modern approach to studying music.

My son attended lessons at the London Contemporary School of Piano over the summer holidays to help him brush up on his scales and other technical skills. The team were absolutely fantastic and a great help. My son enjoyed his time with Tom. I was able to see a marked improvement between before and after his lessons and he’s certainly much more prepared than he would’ve been practising on his own. I’d recommend this piano school to anyone in London in need of a good piano teacher.

~ Ifeoma Okwuosa ~