Thursday 29 April 2021 7.00 pm

It’s been a long and gloomy winter.
Now it’s time to lift each other up and create the future that we really want.

Former Royal Marine General Andy Salmon CMG OBE and concert-pianist and film composer Tom Donald invite you to experience a unique fusion of story and improvised piano, co-creating a better future in the process.

With the General’s years of experience in co-creating change and transformation as well as inspiring journeys to a better life through his campaigns, and the Maestro’s musical gymnastics and imagination, we have put together a special show for you. In this immersive experience, we are going to give you a glimpse of how we combine music and story, using improvisation to help co-create, innovate and inspire journeys to build better lives. 

Tom and Andy have collaborated on several productions in the Journey Through Conflict series, including their recent album, “Iraq”. They have witnessed the profound impact this fusion of story and improvisation has on peoples’ hearts and minds. In their work, they have seen harmonious environments created, where people who are grappling with big challenges, come together and imagine a brighter future. 

Now, Tom and Andy want to take this further. They want to help leaders, organisations and people transcend the norm, free their minds, explore and co-create new futures. And then innovate and build inspiring journeys to reach their destination.  The General and the Maestro can help you unlock a wonderful future. 

From the comfort of your own home, we bring you a 60-minute immersion to help you discover purpose and clarity for the year ahead. We will also record and collaborate on a track together, inspired by the improvisations and insights from the immersion, leaving a group legacy from the event!




takes you on a journey towards building a better life with your own legacy soundtrack.


This is a one-time-only interactive session where you will be entertained and we harness your hopes and aspirations, to lift you out of those pandemic blues… and who knows, we may even SING the Blues…          

Yet there is much more to this event… We will be making history together. From our General and Maestro lab, we have developed the techniques and technology to – for the very first time – build a soundtrack with your voices. This will be YOUR legacy from this event!  Our cinematic soundtrack will be released into the world, a song recorded during the event and produced shortly afterwards, which includes each of your voices and visions for the future, all from the comfort of your own home.

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“It was a very moving event and quite a healing experience for me … honesty….realness …and the fact that it ended with hope…as we listen to one another as human beings things can change.”

D Weaver, Former Military Chaplain

“Demonstrating the power of music, art and words to heal divisions and bring people together. An extraordinary evening – you have achieved something truly remarkable and truly different.”

John Suchet, Presenter, Classic fM

“Invigorating, unexpected and a truly unique experience. The General and the Maestro had everybody up on their feet and fully involved in the show. We came away challenged and inspired to realise our potential. “ 

Kellie Hill, Cap Gemini

Major-General Andy Salmon CMG OBE spent 36 years in the Royal Marines and is a former Commandant General, Head of Service.  He served in many global conflicts, including The Troubles, The Falklands War, Angola, Sierra Leone, The Balkans, and Iraq.

Three tours of duty in Iraq spanned 19 years: from 1991 and the Kurdish humanitarian crisis, to 2003 in the Green Zone, Baghdad, and to 2008/9 when he was the last British General in Basra, closing down the UK Campaign. He retired from the services in 2013.

He now produces, directs, and narrates the Journey Through Conflict events. Uniquely fusing original artworks and live music, Andy shares his experiences and learning from conflict to inspire people to seek peace and reconciliation as well as working with CEOs and companies across all sectors. 

Tom Donald is the founder of the London Contemporary School of Piano, as well as being an esteemed composer and pianist in a multitude of musical genres. The school has students in over 25 countries, inspiring musical transformations to countless families and lives across the globe. 

Tom has an international reputation for bringing challenging musical and cultural concepts into a joyous stream of improvisations and compositions, often used for healing and reconciliation purposes, such as his award winning soundtracks for “Leaving Baghdad”, “Tangled Up in Blue” and “Sta Per Pervore” as well as his work for Journey Through Conflict with General Andy Salmon.

As a solo concert pianist, Tom’s performances in concert halls around Europe have seen critical acclaim. Tom’s concerts at Conway Hall and at the Shard London (the highest piano concert in Europe) were sold out within hours of release. Tom also performed on BBC Newsnight with Evan Davis




Thursday 29 April 2021 7.00 pm




+ Opportunity to Collaborate in our General and Maestro Jam Session

+ a digital download of our cinematic soundtrack composed during the event


VIP Ticket
Please be advised we have limited spaces


+ Directly Create/Participate in our General and Maestro Production

+ Backstage Pass (via WhatsApp) where we will continue to create the soundtrack & continue the discovery process

+ a digital download of the entire discovery event for your reference and future organization/individual planning

+ a digital download of our cinematic soundtrack recorded during the event.

+ a Guest Pass to a London Contemporary School of Piano Inspiration Music Seminar of your choice

+ a digital download of the “Journey Through Conflict Iraq” Album featuring Tom Donald and General Andy Salmon, mastered at Abbey Road Studios.


Come and join us, be entertained, be inspired, and…
get clear about the better life that you can build!