Evelyn Bates

Classical, Contemporary and Popular Music

Evelyn Bates is a rare type of musician and piano coach who travels seamlessly across musical genres. An award-winning classical pianist, songwriter, composer, jazz vocalist equally at home with pop music as is with Russian virtuoso piano music, Evelyn brings her wisdom in all of these fields into her classes to the enormous benefit to her students.

Evelyn Bates is an award-winning classically trained pianist, composer, piano/vocal coach, and pop singer, just as fluent in Indie styles as she is with American songbook classics. Critics have described her music as “that classy soundtrack that dazzles your mind and takes you to a calming place.

Born into a family of musicians and composers. Evelyn started studying piano in the tradition of the Russian piano school and singing at an early age. Later she continued her studies at the world-renowned Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow.

Evelyn is a rare musician who has successfully competed in world-renowned piano competitions and at the same time has developed a unique voice as a pop singer, soundtrack composer, and contemporary piano composer, and now is bringing her three-dimensional musical background into piano coaching where she empowers her students to find their own voice.

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