A musical free spirit. A sensitive lyrical and emotional songwriter. A shoulder to cry on.

In 2016, after almost a decade spent climbing the ladder in the world of Recruitment, Cait decided to quit her job in the corporate world to focus on her music and dream of becoming a songwriter. Cait has since gone on to co-write, record and release music with producers and writers across the continent and is currently working on her own album.

Having joined our school as a complete beginner on the piano, Cait’s background within our team is unique, as she speaks from personal experience when it comes to learning an instrument later on in life.

“Every day, I’m becoming more and more fascinated by music education and the ways in which we learn about, feel and understand music. Building in the practice of learning a new instrument into my every day life, as an adult beginner, is slowly becoming one of wildest and most fascinating paths of discovery I could ever have imagined… and it’s really started to have a positive impact on every aspect of my life.”

Hear some of Cait’s collaborations and works:
NZOBELLA – Desire Change (Acoustic) feat. Cait Davies & Tom Donald (Official Music Video) – YouTube
Cait Davies – YouTube