A musical free spirit. A sensitive lyrical and emotional songwriter who works between, piano, guitar, vocals as if they were the same instrument. A pillar to our community and London’s music scene. A shoulder to cry on. Non-judging and a listener and someone who can find your musical solutions. Cait’s Piano Survival Kit is a popular addition to our Tips & Tutorials.

Caitlin is a London based South African singer songwriter with an emotive songstress voice that is revered by music lovers and critics alike. In 2016, Cait quit her job in the corporate world to focus on her music and since then has recorded her upcoming single “Desire” which has already accumulated global interest from musical lovers and music industry figures, worldwide.

Cait started as a student of the London Contemporary School of Piano, as she wanted to learn how to accompany her singing on the piano. Cait was a success story, typical to our school as are many of our vocalist students, achieving remarkable results in such a short amount of time.

As an advocate of the Harmony Method and quitting her corporate work to focus on her musical dream, Cait joined our team in early 2016 as Course Advisor. Cait works alongside all of our students and customers to ensure they are getting all of the benefits that our piano coaching systems has delivered for her.

Her album is currently underway and is due for it’s much awaited release later this year. Watch this space!