Study at a world-renowned piano school from your own home with VIRTUAL PIANO LESSONS.


The London Contemporary School of Piano is a world-renowned music school. We provide 21st Century Piano Coaching that creates rapid and creative improvements and results to your piano skills, thanks to our world-leading teaching methods and piano coaches.

In 2018, we opened our doors to students from all over the world who are unable to visit our studios!

This is truly a rare chance for hobbyist and professional pianists from all over the world to study at a world-class music school from the comfort of their own home and achieve some remarkable results with their piano skills.


If you feel demotivated and tired of being told you are playing the “right” and “wrong” notes? If you are you looking for a fresh creative start at the piano based on a more holistic way of learning, using improvisation, having more fun and getting better results? Here are some simple reasons why you should get in touch with us:

All reviews can be verified on Google places and have been written freely by our members

This is a world class piano school.

I live in Melbourne and it’s fabulous to be able to have online lessons with amazing coaches in London. I wanted to improve my piano playing skills and Tom and Siwan have helped me to do this. I haven’t just met my goals, I’ve exceeded them in a short space of time. My technique has improved immensely and I’ve acquired new skills such as improvisation and playing from lead sheets. The team are so friendly and encouraging and it’s a pleasure to work with them.
~ Lisa Leake

The London Contemporary School of Piano is proud to support the Citizens of the World choir. A charitable organisation that empowers refugees and displaced people in our communities to find a voice and a community through music.


There is a real chance that the specialist piano coaching you need to get the results you want is just not available where you are.

If you’ve you been looking for the right piano coach for years but have made no real progress and you are stuck in a musical rut, yet you truly want to reconnect with music and feel like a real musician, then we’re the school for you.


We are not just an “online” academy. We are an international piano school with professional studios at the Blüthner Piano Centre in Baker Street, in the heart of London.

All our coaches are professional, performing musicians with busy concert schedules. Study at a world-class music academy from the comfort of your own home.


Using Zoom or Skype, our International students have a special experience. All online lessons are recorded to make it easy for our students to revise and practice. This is very difficult to achieve in traditional piano lessons.

Our music education method is truly a 21st Century approach to piano coaching, both in terms of content and technology .

All reviews can be verified on Google places and have been written freely by our members

As an older mid-level piano student from the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas, having a piano coach from the London Contemporary School of Piano via Skype or FaceTime has been like having my coach/instructor/mentor right next door. Insightful guidance has taken my interest and ability from lukewarm to HOT for which I am extremely grateful to Tom Donald and his team. Alberto Ferro has introduced me to concepts that have broadened my scope and understanding and have increased my desire to learn more.
~Bruce MacKenzie-Graham