£125 for a 75 min session with one of our talented coaches.
Once payment is received, we will contact you to allocate your coach and organise your booking time

Whether you have ambitions to become an accomplished piano player or want to restart your piano lessons after a long break, the LCSP 75 Minute Discovery Session will kick start a life long adventure into the piano.

Remember, in this short time frame, we will cover these exciting areas with you:

  • The Piano Chords and Harmony System and How It’s Used In All Style of Music
  • Improvisation Skills and Techniques
  • Jam with your Teacher – Music is about people creating together. No need to feel alone at the piano.
  • How to compose your own music
  • Critical Piano Technical skills from Classical, Jazz and Popular Styles
  • Your own song requests on demand!

Why not order your Discovery Session right now and find out just how quickly you too could be a proficient musician, with our powerful system of learning.

Please note our one-off discovery sessions come with a money-back guarantee. If we can’t give you huge musical inspiration, we will gladly return your discovery session fees.

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