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This session is required for all new students, giving you and us a chance to make sure we are well matched and can help you on your musical journey.

Do you have ambitions to become an accomplished piano player or do want to restart your piano lessons after a long break? In either case, our 90 Minute Discovery Session will kick start a life long adventure into the piano.

In this single session, we will cover these exciting areas with you:

  • The Piano Chords and Harmony System and how it is used in all styles of music
  • Improvisation skills and techniques
  • A jam with your coach. Music is about people creating together. No need to feel alone at the piano.
  • How to compose your own music
  • Technical piano skills from Classical, Jazz and Popular Styles
  • Your own song requests on demand!

Book your Discovery Session right now and find out just how quickly you too could be a proficient musician, thanks to our powerful system of learning.

Please be advised we have VERY LIMITED PLACES for this course as full members are given priority.

Full access to our world-class piano coaches and syllabus for a fun packed 3-hour piano course. With less commitment on your part than our Members courses.

We will cover the A – Z of piano chords in a 3-hour marathon and will handle as much as we can in a short amount of time.

A great entry level course for those interested in our harmony method, but unable to commit to our longer courses.

10 – 15 or 30 hours from £98/hour

This is a fully integrated piano course with a suggested running time of 10-30 weeks.

Expect to learn many of the unspoken facts about music. Some of these teaching methods are unknown at many leading music schools. Learn the technical, classical foundation to give you a full musical experience.

Automatic invite to our group student master-classes, where you will meet like-minded beginners and advanced adults learning piano.

  • Study Your Favourite Music
  • Access to the whole LCSP Team
  • Fully flexible scheduling so you learn at YOUR own pace
  • Harmony Method and Chords Fully Integrated
  • Video Tutorials for home study
  • Online Classes available for international students
  • Membership to the LCSP WhatsApp group
  • Monthly LCSP Performance Session

Bonus extra: at no cost at all – gift a class to a family member or friend. Be sure you use this bonus as it makes a really special gift!

Lessons can be taken in 60, 90 or 120 min blocks or as an INTENSIVE 7-14 day course. For young children 30 min lessons are available.

Payment instalments available on request, subject to conditions.
Video Conferencing Lessons for students outside London and internationally.

30, 50 or 90 hrs per year with a team of coaches
Subject to Application – No set contract duration may have a waiting list.

The legendary LCSP Maestro Piano Course has been running for 5 years. You’ll be working alongside our world-class team to make your musical dreams and ambitions flourish.

  • Priority Diary Access with higher intensity ongoing classes
  • Mix & Match studio and video classes for working travellers & international students
  • Harmony Method Fully Integrated
  • All areas of musicianship training covered
  • Revitalise your musical senses by learning how to hear pitch
  • Extended Musicology and Music Appreciation
  • Expert Piano Training in All Genres
  • Fully Flexible Scheduling
  • Video Tutorials including personalised recorded high definition tutorials
  • All Sheet Music and Resources Included
  • Membership to the LCSP WhatsApp group
  • Monthly LCSP Performance Session
  • Video Conferencing Lessons available to students outside London incl. international students.

Bonus extra: at no cost at all – gift a class to a family member or friend. Be sure you use this bonus as it makes a really special gift!

To apply for a place or for more information, please email [email protected]

Subject to Application and Availability
Your personalised quote will be calculated on application, since the cost of this option also depends on the cost of the studio, the sound engineer and other facilities available to you. To apply for a place, please email [email protected]

Becoming an Artist in Residence at the LCSP is a fully collaborative experience that will inspire you and your musical development for years to come. It is also a very rare opportunity to produce your own album with an expert team.

Students of varying skill levels and experience are accepted on this piano course, though we may advise you to start with one of our other courses first.

  • A full year of preparation (50 hours of lessons)
  • Out of class, 7 days a week artistic management and support
  • Artistic visioning and planning
  • Priority booking to our studios for lessons and practice
  • Recording session at a leading London studio with world class sound engineer.
  • Recording sound mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios or a production house of your choice.
  • Amazing opportunities to release your Album or EP on Spotify, iTunes under your own entity, under LCSP Productions.
  • Subject to Application. All levels are encouraged to apply. The most important requirement is an ambition to achieve your musical dreams.

Bonus extra: at no cost at all – gift a class to a family member or friend. Be sure you use this bonus as it makes a really special gift!

Shivank Menon, an online student at the school since 2017, performs his original composition: Poème Mélancolique