Are the live sessions recorded?

Yes, all of our LCSP Virtual Live Sessions are recorded. So if you are running late, or unable to make one of the sessions, you won’t miss a beat. You will gain access to the classes through our school portal and membership area and given the chance to download all of the files directly to your laptop or computer.

What level do I need to be at to take this course?

If you are an intermediate player (you have previous piano experience) this course is perfect for you. A basic knowledge of chords – i.e C major / C minor is required, but if you are unclear on the basic theory we are offering a bridging session if you feel your musical knowledge is closer to beginner.

I have never taken an LCSP Course before?

If you are completely new to our work, you are in for an incredible treat. All of our courses come with school membership and one-to-one support. Giving you the chance to experience our dynamic worldwide piano community of music lovers, hobbyists, professionals, and teachers worldwide. We are changing the way the world teaches music.