Study at a world-renowned piano school from your own home with our video-conferencing piano lessons.

The London Contemporary School of Piano is a world-renowned music school. We provide 21st Century Piano Coaching that creates rapid and creative improvements and results to your piano skills, thanks to our world-leading teaching methods and piano coaches.

Our school is based in the heart of London, on Baker Street and we opened our doors to students from all over the world who are unable to visit our studios in 2018 !

This is truly a rare chance for hobbyist and professional pianists from all over the world to study at a world-class music school from the comfort of their own home and achieve some remarkable results with their piano skills.


If you feel demotivated and tired of being told you are playing the “right” and “wrong” notes?

If you are you looking for a fresh creative start at the piano based on a more holistic way of learning, using improvisation, having more fun and getting better results?

Here are some simple reasons why you should get in touch with us:


There is a real chance that the specialist piano coaching you need to get the results you want is just not available where you are.

If you’ve you been looking for the right piano coach for years but have made no real progress and you are stuck in a musical rut, yet you truly want to reconnect with music and feel like a real musician, then we’re the school for you.


We are not just an “online” academy. We are an international piano school with professional studios at the Blüthner Piano Centre in Baker Street, in the heart of London.

All our coaches are professional, performing musicians with busy concert schedules. Study at a world-class music academy from the comfort of your own home.


All online lessons are recorded to make it easy for our students to revise and practice. This is very difficult to achieve in traditional piano lessons.

Using Zoom or Skype, our International students have a special experience.

Our music education method is truly a 21st Century approach to piano coaching, both in terms of content and technology .

You will learn using the world famous London Contemporary School of Piano Harmony Method, based on chords, playing by ear and improvisation.

All our piano coaches are industry leaders working from our London studios. This is not just online piano lessons, this is a new piano experience.

Your piano lessons will include full membership to the London Contemporary School of Piano, meaning you receive the same privileges as our students who physically attend our studio lessons in London.

You are welcome to visit us anytime for our student events which take place globally and at our London Studios. Your online lessons will receive full VIP offline support from the heart of London.


  • Apply for a piano course at the London Contemporary School of Piano.  (All Ages and Levels are welcome, professionals and hobbyists alike) Visit our courses page for more info. Our online courses are structured exactly the same as 1-2-1 studio classes.
  • We help you set up your video conferencing software and give you some advice on how to set up your device for the best possible lesson experience.
  • You run a one-off piano discovery session with your LCSP Piano Coach. It will run for 90 minutes. There is no obligation to continue after this session, this is for you to get the full experience of what it’s like to learn from one of our coaches.
  • Should you wish to continue we will select our recommended course package for you and the options regarding fees. We accept all forms of international payment via our secure payment system.
  • We schedule in your piano course, where you have an option to learn from up to 3 LCSP Piano Coaches during your course and get full LCSP membership and all of its benefits, bringing the heart of London’s premiere piano school into your own home.
  • You receive full LCSP membership and join our student portal where you can see all of your upcoming video appointments in your time zone. All classes are one to one, bringing our teachers into your home via our 1st-grade video conferencing software!

Please act now to avoid disappointment!

Due to high demand on our piano coaches, we always have limited places for new students.

We strongly recommend you get in touch now, to discuss your options or to set up an initial piano discovery session.